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Contract Bonds and particularly performance bonds, are increasingly becoming a key part of winning business in the construction sector. In times of uncertainty it is increasingly common to provide additional financial guarantees to ensure that your commitments under the contract are fulfilled. A performance bond or contract bond will provide this important protection for your clients.

At PMJ Risk Solutions we have a thorough understanding of the bond market, specialist bond wordings and what is required to ensure that bonding is available to you. We will work with you and surety providers to provide facilities and limits that allow you to tender with certainty. Whether you need a performance bond, retention bond, advance payment bond or another type of contract bond, PMJ Risk Solutions will be able to help you find quick and cost-effective solutions.

Contract bonds such as performance bonds, are often a key, time sensitive negotiations determining a tenders’ success. PMJ Risk Solutions will work with yourselves and providers to ensure that facilities are up to date and capacity maintained, allowing you to focus on what you do best; winning tenders!

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