Contractors All Risks' & Single Project Insurance Insurance 

Contractors’ All Risks provides coverage for work in progress, materials and property damage for your permanent or temporary works for construction, renovation or conversion projects, own and hired in plant, temporary site buildings and employee tools and equipment. As the title suggests, cover is on a All Risks basis unless excluded specifically within the policy schedule or wording.

The Contractors All Risks cover required is normally dependent upon the scale, value, location and duration of the works, as well as the type of methods used. Cover will apply until  Practical Completion or site handover and works being commissioned for use or the end of maximum contract period or expiry of the policy, unless renewed or extended in respect of single project or specified project cover.

Cover is normally based on the maximum contract value expected, for annual cover or the specific contract amount, when arranging cover on a single project basis. The insured value needs to include free issue materials (being materials supplied by an employer for use in the works), professional fees, debris removal and possible increased costs required to comply with local or public authorities.

Liability for loss or damage to the works during any maintenance period is covered, subject to confirmation of the maintenance period. Standard cover is normally for 12 months but can usually be extended on referral, should contract conditions require a longer maintenance period.

Single Project Cover

Often contracts may be too large or complex for annual covers and this is where Single Project Insurance come in. It is useful for all parties, being property owners, contractors or developers in reducing overall construction costs with a bespoke policy covering the specific risks needed.

Single Project policies are normally arranged by the employer or the main contractor, in the joint names, depending on the need for an employer or contractor lead programme. Cover on these policies will typically include cover for the works in progress, any existing structure if not covered elsewhere, sub-contractors works, own and hired in plant and temporary site structures.

Cover can be extended to include a number of additional covers as needed and these can include.

  • Public liability Insurance (normally on a restricted maximum cover level)
  • Non-negligent Public Liability (sometimes known as 6.5.1or JCT 6.5.1 Liability)
  • Advanced loss of profits or Delayed Start Up Cover*
  • Single Project Professional Indemnity Insurance
  • Environmental Impairment Insurance

* Delay in Start Up/Delayed Start Up (DSU) or Advanced Loss of Profits, protects a project for the financial consequences of a delay to a project completion arising from an insured physical damage event. Cover is not provided under DSU for Industrial action or a labour force shortage, Changes to architectural designs or drawings, Financial mismanagement/insolvency, Poor project management.

With a combined 50 years in the insurance industry, with over 30 of those combined years specialising in construction PMJ Risk Solutions specialist team have the expertise and contacts to offer bespoke cover for all your contractor all risk requirements.

We have insured all manner of construction projects in the UK and can arrange annual covers on a standalone basis, part of a Contractor Combined cover or on a single project basis, as your needs demand.

We are able to arrange bespoke covers for main contractor’s, sub-contractor to the principal or main contractor, developers, modular builders, RC Frame Contractors, Insulated concrete formwork contractors, piling and underpinning contractors including new build and retro fit basement works, scaffolding contractors, standalone demolition contractors, structural waterproofing contractors and roofing contractors, including hot works.

At PMJ Risk Solutions we are ready to assist with all your Contractors All Risks and Single Project Insurance needs 

Contractors All Risks & Contract Works Insurance
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